Authenticating the paintings of Egon Schiele can only be done with certainty from research.

Needless to say, Egon Schiele was extremely skilled and maddeningly talented. We think eroticism is a byproduct of physical beauty. Schiele took ugly people; or normal people he made as ugly looking as he could; and then showed us how erotic it could be.

Regardless of how Schiele elongated them, emaciated them, applied geometric shapes to their bodies, discolored their skins, covered them with dirt, blotches, unsightly spots, lesions, and abrasions, they are erotic.

We find ourselves asking, what is it I find so appealing about these depictions of people who appear neither clean nor healthy nor good looking?

For at least 2,500 years every artist has tried to paint and sculpt beauty, the most beautiful people, and here comes young Egon Schiele and his ugly lot and it wins us over instantaneously.

In the task of authenticating Schiele’s works we rely on our three highly educated art historians and researchers based in Austria and Germany.

If you have a drawing or painting possibly by Egon Schiele, please send us a few photos, we are already titillating in impatient anticipation.